Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 3 “They Stole Max’s Brain” Review

Sam & Max return in episode three “They stole Max’s Brain.” This episode continues the Devil’s Playhouse story arc and filling in some of the story plots. Does this episode improve on every element or does it fail to impress.


Episode three “They stole Max’s Brain” starts off where episode two left off, where Max’s brain was taken by an unknown force. That unknown force that stole Max’s brain was General Skunka’pe. Sam soon goes into an uncontrollable rage and starts making them sad, threaten them, and beating them up. After Sam force the information out of some people, he finds out that General Skunka’pe took Max’s brain to the museum. Once there you find General Skunka’pe with a very old enemy of Sam and Max’s great grand fathers past. Both make a small alliance but, Sam and Max do back it up till, Sam put Sammun-Mak brain into the body of Max.That’s where is get deeper.

Overall, the story does fill in tons of holes in the story and gives more information on what really happening. The story gets better and the dialogue is still funny and laughable. A lot of characters return from episode one and episode two. The story will take about 3 to 4 hour to complete.


The overall gameplay of Sam & Max is still the same. Max gets his to basic toys back like the teleportation and future vision. The only new toy that is available is the Rhinoplasty or Silly Putty for short. This new power gives Max the ability to change into objects. That is the only thing that has been added in the game. The puzzles are still fun and hard at times, so you still have to use your noodle to find out what to do. The controls are still the same and there is not as much framerate drops. Overall, it’s the same good formula of Sam & Max’s gameplay.


Overall, Sam & Max’s story gets deeper and deeper. The only problem is that there is starting to get a limited number of new toys of power. This could be a problem with future installments. The toys of power do help a lot to make great puzzles but, using the same one twice doesn’t really show much. It’s still a great game to play with all the puzzles, story, and dialogue still makes the devil’s playhouse series unique. One more thing: There are references that make this episode that much enjoyable.

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