Sam & Max: the Devil’s Playhouse Episode Four “Beyond the Alley of the Dolls” Review

Sam & Max return once again in the episodic Devil’s Playhouse series in Sam & Max the Devil’s Playhouse episode 4 “Beyond the alley of the dolls.” (Hint: it’s a very old movie) Beyond the alley of the dolls is the 4th episode but, does it beat out the rest of the episodes before it or will this episode fail to bring anything new to the table.


In episode three of Sam & Max, the villain Sammun-Mak took over Max’s body to rule the world. The efforts of Sam & Max stopped the evil Sammun-Mak by using a ancient tool to take out his brain from Max’s body. After everything was returned to semi-normal, Papierwaite was in a state of panic. Soon a bunch of Sam clones came from behind Papierwaite. Soon Sam & Max ran for their lives to get away from the dogglegangers.(That’s what Max calls them(Sam’s Clone)They soon ran into Stinky’s Dinner to escape the Sam clones and find out what do they want and need. They soon find out that the dogglegangers want the toys of power. After solving a few puzzles to get out of Stinky’s Dinner, they soon find the lab of where the Sam clones are being made. So, Sam & Max must find the mystery of these clones and who really is behind this terror. Sam & Max episode four will take about 3 hrs to complete.


Sam & Max the Devil’s Playhouse episode four “Beyond the alley of the dolls” features tons of improved puzzles, more toys of power, great, smart and funny dialogue. The puzzles within this episode are pretty unique on its own accord. There was one puzzle in this episode that changes at random during each Playthrough. Others were basic but, complex puzzles that needed timing, smarts, and the toys of power. These puzzles would not be unique without the toys of power. There are new toys of power that will be added to your inventory wheel for Max to use. These toys come in the form of Playing cards in which can read peoples mind and the Cthonic Destroyer which will destroyer anything from the dark dimension. Ones that come back are Charlie Ho-Tep which is a creepy ventriloquism doll, Rhinoplasty, Telephone, and Future Vision. All these toys help Sam & Max get through the puzzles and problems within the episode. Finally, is the dialogue in which is still funny, smart, and just great to listen to random stuff and things that relate to old movies and other Sam & Max games.The only problem I saw with the gameplay was a little glitch during the beginning of the game where Max takes out his gun but, then his pistol would disappear. That was the only thing I saw but, overall the game works as perfect as the other episode.


Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse Episode Four “Beyond the alley of the dolls” is a great addition to the series and house a lot of fun and unique ideas for the final episode. Overall, this is the next best episode, next to my favorite Episode 2 “The Tomb of Sammnu-Mak.” The Final episode is near at hand, so get ready for the season to end with a bang in Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse Episode Five “The City that Dares Not Sleep”

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