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Dynasty Warriors fans rejoice, because Dynasty Warriors 7 has finally been release in NA and UK. Dynasty Warriors has been a long-running franchise created by the developers over at Omega Force. The game Dynasty Warriors was mostly inspired by the actual historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” written by Luo Gunazhong. In its seventh installment, Omega Force tends to bring back the classic gameplay style of Dynasty Warriors back, while adding new features and gameplay to the overall package. Will Dynasty Warriors 7 live up to its hype? Or will its crumble like the three kingdoms before it? Find out within this review of Dynasty Warriors 7.


Veterans of Dynasty Warriors will already know the story by heart from individual officers in previous Dynasty Warriors games. Not this time, Dynasty Warriors 7 story mode (Musou mode) is told by each kingdom. Shu, Wei, Wu, and the newly added Jin Kingdoms are all told as a whole to make things more emotional, compelling, and cinematic. In previous installments of Dynasty Warriors, story mode was character based, which would lead to some conflicting storylines, misspelling of names, and improper pronunciation.

This change in story mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 makes it a more engaging, compelling, and historically accurate. Each tale is told how it is from Shu searching for a land to call their own to Wei’s rise to power. Each Kingdom is more or less told accurately, along with each battle and event that takes place. Battles will change from officer to officer. This is more or less focusing on the important officer(s) during that battle. For example, in the battle of Chang Ban players will start playing as Zhao Yun and after his part was finished the battle will continue playing as Zhang Fei defending the bridge.

Overall, Story mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 has changed completely for the good. It makes the experience of Dynasty Warriors that much greater and enjoyable. Each kingdom’s story will take about 6-8 hours to complete depending on the difficulty setting that the player choose. Overall, each and every kingdom’s story gives a little more insight on what each of them has experience. That experience is an engaging, compelling, cinematic, emotional, and historically accurate ride that everyone will enjoy.


The Dynasty Warriors series hasn’t seen much change till Dynasty Warriors 6.Dynasty Warriors 6 left a bad taste in players mouths with a repetitive combat system, cookie cut characters and move sets, and lack of a good story and battles.  Dynasty Warriors 7 is completely opposite and veterans will be happy with a lot of the gameplay mechanics. Let’s start with the basics. Dynasty Warriors 7 removed the repetitive Renbu combat system with the return of the reliable charge system. The charge system would allow players to string an increasingly longer combo which would end in a special move with some type of ranging effect.

Players will also be allowed to use two different weapons and switch on the fly between the two. Depending on the character, each of them will have an EX weapon which will be their main weapon for exclusive combos.  Weapons come in a great variety from the standard Chinese sword, spear, an arm gun, flying swords and more.  Let’s take Zhao Yun for example in which his EX weapon will be his trustworthy spear. Now Zhao Yun can have another weapon which could be any other weapons depending on the officer’s compatibility with that weapon. Low level of compatibility means slower attacks and the likely hood of the combo being easily broken. Higher the level is vise versa. The only thing I noticed with the secondary weapon with each officer is that they all use the same generic move sets and mostly every officer is good with the Chinese sword.

Other notable gameplay tweaks include the ability to have more aerial combos, aerial musou attacks, and having two different musou attacks for each character. Swimming and climbing ladders also make a return and the morale bar has been removed but, still there in the form of messages of officers. Players will also get skill points after defeating multiple enemy officers. These skill points can be used to gain more combos, health, musou bars, and more. Finally each weapon has a certain type of seal which can be learned and place on that weapon for added effects and abilities like attack up, health up and gaining more skill points.

Now free mode was a great feature in previous Dynasty Warriors games. Players would be able to experience any battle with any officer and have fun on the battlefield without hurting the story progression or timeline. In Dynasty Warriors 7, free mode has been replaced by conquest mode. This mode features free roaming china where players make their own story across the land. Players must move along hex-shaped squares within china. Battling each square, entering cities to gain new weapons, aiding fellow officers, and playing with friends in both online and offline co-operative play are all part of conquest mode. This is an excellent replacement for free mode and the wide variety of mission and online play makes it worth the hours you will spend on this mode alone.

Dynasty Warriors 7 does have a few faults. Like I said before, it felt that Omega Force did cut some corner with the secondary weapons, along with some maps being re-used and combined. Another thing would be that the camera can be somewhat of a mess and hard to control. Overall, Dynasty Warriors 7 doesn’t really have many problems and these problems alone don’t hinder any type of gameplay features.

Overall, Dynasty Warriors 7 has returned to its old classic gameplay while adding new gameplay mechanics and tweaks here and there. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. It’s a goood thing that Omega Force made the right decision to bring back the old style of gameplay back in Dynasty Warriors 7. Dynasty Warriors 7 also features the newly added conquest mode. This mode gives players the freedom of battling, exploring, and co-operative fun. The overall package of Dynasty Warriors 7 is pretty expansive and enjoyable, with a few cut corners and problems that will not hinder gameplay by any means.


Dynasty Warriors 7 hasn’t seen much in graphical enhancements. Dynasty Warriors 7 does look great, detailed and performs better then Dynasty Warriors 6. The amount of enemies of screen can reach around 150+ people screen. That’s a step forward, but Dynasty Warriors 7 does have the fog of war feature where things randomly pop-in. Characters on the other hand are quite detailed and stylish like always. Environments are detailed to a certain point where it becomes plain, empty, and lifeless.  The encyclopedia is always a great addition to any of the Dynasty Warriors games. The encyclopedia also adds and revises most of its content and this time around it’s a little more accurate.

Voiceovers are also done quite well for each character, but the award here goes to the narrator telling the story of each kingdom. His voice alone stands out the most and just brings the player into the world of ancient Chinese history. The game also pronounces and spells the names correctly this time like. For example Liu Chan was used in two Dynasty Warriors games, now his name has been correctly spelled and pronounced as Liu Shan.  The soundtrack on the other hand is decent to say the least. It’s not the best in the series but, there are quite a few notable tracks that are composed really well. Overall, Dynasty Warriors 7 presentation wise has improved from the detail, historical accuracy, voice work, pronunciations, and more.


Dynasty Warriors 7 is a big improvement over Dynasty Warriors 6. Story mode is told from each Kingdom’s stand point. Battles are more cinematic which gives the story and gameplay a seamless flow.  Gameplay returns to its original charge system with new gameplay mechanics and tweaks that improve upon the original gameplay. The newly added conquest mode replaces free mode, where players have the freedom to explore and conquer china as they see fit. Presentation wise Dynasty Warriors has greatly improved in variety of areas. Overall, Dynasty Warriors 7 is the best and most improved of the entire series. If you’re a fan of Dynasty Warriors 7, this game is a must buy. Get ready to enjoy hours upon hours of hack n’ slash gamplay like never before.

Final Score: 4/5 [starreview tpl=16 size=’30’]

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