Could Contra Utilize The Fox Engine?

It is possible that Kojima has gotten tired of the Metal Gear Solid series now maybe trying to come full circle by HD remixing the second and third entries and his classic Zone Of The Enders. Maybe Kojima wants more and was offered the new Contra. Here are our ideas of how it may play out and our reasoning as to why.

Now you may have heard that at the end of the Pre-E3 Konami Show that they revealed a TEASER for Contra. What it means obviously is still to be seen. However we have some ideas where  Contra could possibly utilize the brand new Fox Engine from Kojima Productions. The engine itself has been built from the ground up specifically by Kojima Productions and is already running on multiple platforms. Kojima teased this by running his hand over a PS3, Xbox 360 and mouse & keyboard controller setup. In the end he chose the Xbox 360 controller. Check out the video HERE via IGN/Youtube. We will wait.

Now that you have seen the engine in motion we believe that this engine can compete with the CryEngine that was utilized in Crysis 1 and then upgraded for Crysis 2 to run on consoles. The gameplay shown shows off a young boy, his dog and a horse in a lush jungle environment. Easily seen as a tech demo this really tells us nothing about what this engine may already be implemented in. It is very well possible that it could be for the Contra title. The engine would be amazing and to re-envision  Contra as a third or even first-person shooter in such a lush environment would be amazing. If you look back, it has been stated multiple times that Kojima has visited major developers of First-Person shooters for research. He was shown visiting Infinity ward (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare) and Guerrilla Games (Killzone series) as early as 2008. This new engine could easily be transformed into an amazing FPS title for Kojima Productions, a genre that Konami as a whole lacks.

If the Fox Engine ends up being used in Contra it would be a magnificent game no matter the genre it decides to go, FPS or Third person shooter. It is noted Kojima stated that his game would be shown in due time and that he will be attending E3 2012. Let us know what you think that this engine would be perfect with, or even what you would want to see Kojima Productions utilize this engine in. It WOULD look sweet as a MGS 3: Snake Eater backdrop but that will never happen.

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