Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

If you played the first two Deus Ex games, those titles were quite something. A combination of combat, stealth, RPG, and social elements, Deus Ex was a unique and enjoyable experience. It’s been over eight years since we last saw a new title. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is third in the series and ready to show what human augmentations can do. Will Deus Ex: Human Revolution give the same experience that it did eight years ago? Or will it be a failed augmentation? Find out in this Review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place 25 years before the first two Deus Ex games. Biomechanical augmentation is the current state of art, with these human augmentations; people can enhance one’s abilities in a variety of aspects. Players will follow Adam Jensen, a private security officer with one of the leading biomechanical augmentation companies, Sarif Industries. One day, Sarif Industries gets attacks by unknown mercenary group. During the attack on the company Adam Jensen finds himself ambushed and on the verge of death. Soon after Adam must undergo augmentation surgery to survive, and now Adam must travel the world to find out who attacked Sarif Industries.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has quite a story tell. With Conspiracies, discrimination, uprising in crime and more, the world of Deus Ex is a dark one. The story will fall under many of these dark categories, which will bring light to the whole story at hand. The player too has to take part in the story as he/she can easily change the outcome over the course of the story. Every single action that the player does has a consequence, even if it’s good or bad. Most of the story acts quite serious, but sometimes it will give a little chuckle here and there for good measure. The overall story is good with a good amount of twist and turns, but a few instances where it was quite obvious on the plot at hand. This story will keep players gripped till the very end and your actions will determine how the story unfolds.


If you played either of the previous Deus Ex games before, you will be familiar with the gameplay elements. Mostly all of the gameplay elements are still intact, with the exception of the new human augmentations and enhancements. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a cyberpunk action RPG, combat, stealth, hacking, and social interaction are the core elements. Let’s take a deeper look into the gameplay elements of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Let’s start with the human augmentations. These are new augmentations that were never found in the previous games. These augmentations are mechanical in nature, in which players can develop in a variety of body parts. First, players must level up or find Praxis Points, which can be used to developed these augmentation skills and features. Cranium, torso, arms, eyes, back, skin, and legs are the parts of Adam Jensen that have been augmented and can be developed further to help him on his journey. Depending on augmentation, each will take energy from Adam Jensen and if the energy is drained these augmentations will be completely unless. Using augmentation must be used wisely and strategically.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay is mostly of combat and stealth. Players can easily switch between the two or stick with one though the entire game.  Players can go up and kill everyone they meet, or some might take a stealthy approach and use non-lethal force. It all depends on your play style and Deus Ex gives us that option to play how we want. Let’s first go deeper into combat. Combat wise, people who chose this might go guns blazing, using lethal force to eliminate the problem at hand. If you’re a player who does it, guns will be quite an important piece of equipment, just like augmentations. Mostly all the guns from Deus Ex return with further enhancements. Pistols, combat rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher and many more will be the arsenal of choice for the elimination of your problems. These guns can be upgraded in both mechanically and visually. Increasing the rate of fire, ammo amount, power would be mechanically, while adding silencers, laser sights, and scopes visually.

Stealth wise, players will go from cover to cover, staying in the shadows and vents, and finding new ways to complete the objective. Stealth will require more strategy, planning, and tactics, but it’s worth the rewards you will get for completing it stealthy. It’s even more rewarding when you find new alternative ways to complete a mission that you thought you would never find. If you’re a player who favors both, you can easily switch between the two for diverse combat. Each two style can easily perform both lethal and non-lethal takedowns, while an up frontal assault will lead to lethal takedowns. Overall, both combat and stealth can easily go hand in hand. Depending on the player, he/she will love the fluidity for both of these elements.

The social aspect of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is quite enjoyable. Instead of busting down a door, killing someone, or sneaking in, players have the option to talk their way out of situations. Combat related or Social related, the player can easily change the outcome of mission. Social is one of the easiest ways to change the events. Dialogue choices will come up in a L.A. Noire type of way, where the player can pressure, empathize, humble and more to get the information they need. The social aspect is quite enjoyable with some comments being serious to downright laughable. It’s a mix bag of both with each and every choice being enjoyable.

Hacking is another major gameplay element. Hacking will not require much skill, but will put on the pressure when hacking high-level terminals and key pads. Hacking will be helpful when gathering further information or getting more rewards. Depending on the situation for hacking, hacking can easy be another alternative for stealth. Hacking can open up new doorways, equipment, and more. It also provides the ability to hack robot or turn off security systems. Basically once the player is hacking there will be a mini-game, where the goal is to penetrate the server and avoid detection. There are also a hand full of equipment and augmentations that will help in your hacking endeavor.

Gameplay in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is completely functional, enjoyable, and gives the player the options on how he/she would like to play. However Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t perfect sadly. The AI enemies aren’t perfect, but they do get the job done with perfect accurate shots. They will sometimes see you and when you vanish they will check the area, but in a poor manner where they leave doors, vents, and cracks unchecked.  Another small issue would be the controls on the console versions. It will take some time getting used to, but the controls do get the job done.

Overall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great and enjoyable game that gives the player the freedom to do any mission, the way they want to do it. You will also be spending hours on exploring the open world that Deus Ex has to offer. Augmentations are back, but in a different manner of mechanical augmentations that give Adam super-human abilities and senses. Each are fun to activate and help with each of the four categories of gameplay elements; combat, stealth, hacking, and social. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay is near perfection, but with a few minor flaws. Overall, it’s a game that will have players playing through it a multiple of times.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution presentation is vibrate and stylish. The world of Deus Ex gives of that near-future look with outstanding background environments that give depth and prowess to the game.  With the theme of transhumanism, players will find a variety of characters to see. People who have accepted the augmentations wear stylish cloths, while people who don’t accept augmentations wear cloth of today. You will barely see the same characters twice. Voiceover wise, the game shows a lot of stereotypical voices for almost everyone, even Adam Jensen fall under this stereotype voiceovers. Soundtrack wise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has mostly a techno tone. Soft and suitable techno for calm environments and investigations and heavy techno tone for battle situations. The overall soundtrack is suitable and it quite enjoyable to hear. Overall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution presentation is great.


Overall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is great, enjoyable, open-ended adventure that will have players of all types enjoying it from beginning to end. Veterans of Deus Ex will be greatly appreciative that mostly all gameplay elements are still here, while newcomer to the series will be glad to see the variety of features that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to offer. Story wise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has great open-ended depth for its story. There will be times when it’s quite predictable, when other times it will leave you hanging. Gameplay wise, nearly everything is still here in the world of Deus Ex, from where you choose on how you want to play Deus Ex. Gameplay may have a few minor bumps, but it’s near perfection. Presentation wise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is great in nearly all categories of both graphics and soundtrack. The Voiceovers could have been better, but mostly all seem stereotypical.  Overall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a revolution for its genre and shows us that the old can still be revolutionized.


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