Driver: San Francisco Map Detailed

Driver: San Francisco is mere days away and we haven’t had a good look at the large and expansive map that makes up San Francisco. We got our hands on some off screen photos to show the detail in the city and the expansiveness of the title.

The Main Area Of Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco’s city is very compact and detailed which is akin to the likes of maybe L.A. Noire or Grand Theft Auto IV’s tight compact city with no widely open areas. The city’s famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge is present as well as others. Have a look at the photos below and be prepared to drive in the 200KM of road when the title releases next week.

Nothern San Francisco Connected By The Golden Gate Bridge

We should not neglect to mention that as the title progresses more and more of the map will unlock and this was taken with a maxed out shift ability that allows you to zoom as far as possible out. No story missions are present on the map as to avoid spoilers.

Eastern San Francisco

Check back for our review on Tuesday and be sure to pick up the game on September 6th in North America and September 9th in Europe on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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