Cave Story 3D Review

Cave Story has seen the light of many releases on different platforms including the PC, Mac, Wii and DSi. Now it’s time for Cave Story to go into the third dimension in Cave Story 3D for the 3DS. Developer Nicalis, who made the recent WiiWare and DSiWare version, continue to bring this title to Nintendo’s platforms. They have kept everything from the story to gameplay untouched from the original one man developer, and creator, Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. The only difference coming from the 3D graphics and overhaul. So does Cave Story 3D live up to its name in the third dimension, or will be forgotten in the caves below.

The story follows a young silent robot named Quote who awakens in a cave with no memory. After a short exploration through a dangerous cave, that serves as the tutorial, he finds a small village of Mimigas. Mimigas are a race of rabbit humanoids that populate the cavernous interior. This small village is the starting point of this grand adventure. Its from here you’ll be tasked with multiple missions during the course of the story. As you progress through the story you’ll start to understand the mystery of Cave Story, that s if you haven’t played it before as it’s the same untouched story. Undeniably Cave Story 3D still offers an expansive story filled with great mystery and imagination. Just like the story, gameplay has also been untouched. Cave Story 3D is an action-adventure title that offers a lot of similarity to Metroid. Many games have copied the Metroid stylings and failed, only one jumps to mind as a complete success, Castlevania, but now Cave Story can join those ranks.

The world of Cave Story is vast; it’s a unique world with many different locales, secrets, enemies, and weapons. On your journey you’ll collect and use a variety of weapon in combat, each one can be upgraded or traded to get even better (or sometimes worse) weapons too. Enemies who have been defeated will drop yellow triangles that increase the energy of the currently equipped weapon, these are key for levelling up your weapon, which can level up to three times. The game also contains health and ammo capacity upgrades that can be found throughout the world. Those who remember the classic feel of games back in the good’o days will feel right at home with here as gameplay is simple, fun, challenging, and perfect with that classic retro style that anyone can get into.

If anyone has played the original or the WiiWare and DSiWare re-makes. The presentation of Cave Story 3D has changed a fair bit. It’s been completely overhauled to suit the 3D capabilities of Nintendo’s handheld, this means that the environments have more depth, characters and enemies are no longer sprites, but full 3D models, and support full 3D effects. The original/retro graphics that the previous versions had were excellent, charming, and creative; now that it’s in the third dimension, Cave Story 3D still manages to keep the same unique feel that the original versions had. The 3D also works great to give the game depth and a view that players have not seen in Cave Story before.  The soundtrack has also been updated, but to our relief still features those classic retro tunes with nice and addictive beats.

Cave Story 3D offers players the same unique, charming, and additive experience from the pixel art original, but now with full 3D support inthe palm of your hands. Featuring the same untouched adventure that has great imagination, and lasts for hours on end with its multiple endings and weapon upgrades. Much like the story, the gameplay has also been untouched; providing players with a retro style feel that is fun, challenging, and perfect.  Presentation wise, Cave Story 3D has been completely overhauled and still offers that  excellent, charming, and unique feel that the original housed, but in the third dimension. If you have not experienced Cave Story on any other platform, now is your chance once again to buy this unforgettable classic.

Final Score: 4/5

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