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I Am Alive, Makes Us Feel Alive (Preview)

There are many different genres are out there in gaming, but few hold up like the action-adventure genre. They give way to new ideas and new experiences across diverse and expansive terrain. Some feel the pinnacle of the genre has been reached with the Uncharted franchise but we take a firm look at Ubisoft’s upcoming I Am Alive and we feel that Uncharted, may have only been the catalyst to something even greater.

Now let us clarify that we are in no way saying that I Am Alive is better than Uncharted; they are in the same genre and feature a few of the similar elements, however I Am Alive’s developers have added to the rather simple, ‘jump here and then climb here’ mechanic that the game utilizes.  The amount of activity players do, from jumping to climbing uses up the stamina bar. It adds a depth of urgency to everything and makes the player really feel into character and keeps the ‘edge of your seat action’ in your face. Another aspect that makes I Am Alive feel in your face and real compared to other post-apocalyptic survival titles is that weapons mean more than just shooting someone, their simple presence has clout. You can point a loaded, or unloaded gun, at an enemy and the fact that you may or may not have a bullet in there will change depending on whom you point your gun at. Every NPC in the game has their own intimidation level, it is up to the player to decide who to help and who to intimidate and cheat to get your way. This alone adds an entire depth to the game.

In our time playing the title we were able to see the unnamed hero, the ‘everyman’ traverse large scale areas while we bit our nails and hoped for his survival to reunite with his wife and kid. The ‘event’ that caused this apocalyptic scenario is unknown by the player – in a similar fashion to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – at this time and it is up to you, like the hero, to figure it out through word of mouth exactly what happened in his hometown of Haventon. All that is known to the player is that it is now one year on from the ‘event’, and it has torn society down to its very core and the game takes from as a raw human instinct. We are assured that there are no monsters or zombies, this is a realistic take on a post-apocalyptic world.

I Am Alive is now on our list and it should be on yours. The unique gameplay and interesting story has us set for wild edge of our seat ride that looks to bring players closer to the character than ever before.

Be sure to have this on your list when it releases on Xbox Live March 7th, for 1200MSP and later this year on PSN.

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    i played this game and after a while the end of the world thing got boring and then the total searching for wife and kid plot got annoying. But the entire use of the controls was pretty simple the aiming was easy. but what jusst made me hate the game was the ending. you have to save a woman and her daughter and a paraplegic then you are done. Then at the end of the game we found out your dead WTF