Netflix on its way to Wii

No your eyes do not deceive you, Netflix is actually on its way to that white box under your telly, you know the one that you probably haven’t touched for years (unless you picked up the sublime Skyward Sword).

This move does make sense though, the Wii is the console that sits in practically everybody’s home so having it on that platform in the UK and Ireland would be killer for Netflix. Bill Holmes, VP of Netflix business development had this to say on the move; “The Wii has been among the most popular devices used by Netflix members to enjoy unlimited TV shows and movies streaming over the Internet from Netflix on their TVs. We expect the Wii will be one of the most used devices to enjoy Netflix in the UK and Ireland and are delighted to offer this additional value to Wii users.”

Obviously HD viewing wouldn’t be possible but the vast majority of the content is SD anyway, it’ll be a great way to get content that you possibly otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch.

The service launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier this week and the Wii should follow suit soon. The news arrives just shortly after the announcement of Netflix launching on day one of the PS Vita in the US, which is now confirmed to be appearing on the UK model too!


Source: MCV

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