Nintendo Network Announced

A new Nintendo online service has been announced and it sure sounds interesting.

The new online system will support DLC, full digital game downloads and personal accounts on the Wii U. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said:

“Whether it’s our first-party titles or third parties’ titles, for a number of games, we will actively attempt to achieve compatibility so that our consumers can enjoy our online services that we will deploy under the name of the Nintendo Network.

“Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which has been focused upon specific functionalities and concepts, we are aiming to establish a platform where various services available through the network for our consumers shall be connected via Nintendo Network service so that the company can make comprehensive proposals to consumers.”

The first title to receive extra content will be Japanese 3DS title Tobidasu Pricla Kiradeco Revolution, and then Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will follow suit the month after. Iwata had this to say on the matter of DLC:

“Please note that Nintendo, as a software maker, does not plan to deploy businesses where our consumers cannot know in advance which item will appear as the result of their payment and they have to repeat the payments and, before they know it, they end up spending a huge amount of money in order to obtain the items they originally wanted to purchase.

“As a software maker, Nintendo believes that its packaged software should be sold to our consumers in a form so that the consumers will know in advance that they can enjoy playing the software they purchased just as it is. We believe that our consumers will be able to feel more secure if we offer our add-on content as an additional structure in which those who love the game will be able to enjoy it in a deeper way for a prolonged play time.”

Nintendo’s introduction of multiple Wii U accounts seems to be due to following the now expected norms of the PS3 and Xbox 360 user accounts that connect to their online services. Iwata said:

“With this, for example, the ease of using a video game system when the hardware is shared by multiple family members, which has been a challenge we needed to tackle, shall be improved, and we will also be able to construct and offer the system by combining a variety of different services and content.”

Certainly sounds like Nintendo’s new online service is a step up from it’s old Wi-Fi one, it also seems that the legendary developer and publisher is now playing catchup with its competition to offer a more diverse online experience. Either way we’re interested in its implementation when it arrives.


Source: CVG


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