Witcher 2 Dark Edition Shown Off

Yesterday the release date for CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 was announced, and alongside it a collectors edition, known as the ‘Dark Edition’, was announced.

In the Dark Edition you can expect to pick up the games soundtrack, 200 page art book, wolf’s head medallion, some stickers and a big fancy box. If you pre-order The Witcher 2 from select retailers you’ll also get more game-related goodies stuffed in your sack.

The pre-order bonuses seem to be Xbox 360 Avatar goodies, including; Geralt of Riva or Triss Merigold,and a pet for your avatar. Other bonuses include two wolf’s head t-shirts, a medallion key chain, and a comic book. It is unclear how these extra items will be doled out between retailers, but expect a bloody battle to the death. Or, just a long slew of promotions designed to make you know you’ll be missing out on that tasty t-shirt.

Below is an image of the Dark Edition.

The Witcher 2 launches on April 17th


Source: IGN

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