Dear EA, Please Make A New Def Jam Fighter

Anyone who grew up on the PS2/Xbox remembers Def Jam: Fight For NY or Def Jam: Vendetta. Some of the coolest, most over the top crazy fighting games ever have had a poor representation on the current generation of consoles (Def Jam: Icon) although not a ‘bad’ game but it just wasn’t what people think when they hear Def Jam fighting game. We want a true reboot or re-representation of the franchise for current gen consoles.

We want those large explosions, slamming your opponent into the environment and bumping music. However we also want a cool story that incorporates all the all-stars from the house of Def Jam.  Make it epic, make it awesome and make it FUN. Create your character, do a fighting style, customization, unlockables and keep the uncensored soundtrack. It was one of the great things about Def Jam Icon.

Def Jam: Icon was not horribly bad but it was the first one not to be developed in partnership with the AKI Corporation (now Syn Sophia Inc.). The executive producer of the game Kudo Tsunoda stated that he “felt that wrestling and hip-hop do not mix well together.” which explains why the gameplay of Icon was more a close brawler akin to Fight Night Round 3 at the time which is not what it is supposed to be. Someone put the wrestling and craziness back into the franchise.

So if anyone from EA is reading this, look back into the depths of the vault and see that this franchise needs new life just as much as Street, SSX or any of the other reboots as of late from the publisher. We are here an waiting to fight.

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    I would definitely like to see Syn Sophia make any type of wrestling/fighting game. They’re games are loads of fun, and when they were making the WWE games, they were making ‘best ever’ type games. Miss you!