Diablo 3 on Consoles Could Still Happen

Although Blizzard have denied openly developing Diablo III for consoles, they have always said that they’re “exploring” the possibility of a console title.

Speaking to CVG, Chief Operating Officer Paul Sams said that the possibility of a console title was made not just for financial reasons but because Blizzard feel “that particular product makes a lot of sense” on other formats.

Chiefly of all it seems that they aren’t afraid of producing a console version, even if they have to possibly adhere to platform holder specifics.

“If I’ve got to jump through 17 different hoops and pay a lot more money to be on a console, that causes you to pause. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t do it if we thought we could deliver a Blizzard-quality product on the platform and it was right for the game in question.

“That’s why we’re looking at it for Diablo III; we think that we can have a really exciting and compelling experience that will play well on console in addition to PC We do feel it’s an exciting opportunity. If we feel we can have a game on multiple platforms, then we’ll do it. We’re not afraid to – that’s for sure!”

You can read the full comment to CVG over on their site.

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