Microsoft Hiring for “AAAA console title”

Yes, your eyes haven’t deceived you, that is a quadruple A title. If it wasn’t for the fact that this job role was posted on the Microsoft jobs website – and is used too many times for a typo – we’d have thought someone was pulling our leg.

The role calls for an Executive Producer to lead a team in the creation of “a major Xbox AAAA console title.”

Interestingly the role doesn’t call for someone with experience on previous AAA titles, perhaps this is because quadruple A titles are just so wildly different that previous experience in such an area would only hinder; we can really only speculate.

Obviously nothing is known about this “AAAA” title, but if people keep adding an extra ‘A’ onto something in hope it will make it better, we’d be worried about the state of the games industry.

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