Plants Vs Zombies Review (Vita)

By now I assume almost everybody has played Plants Vs Zombies, as it has released on practically everything it possibly can. It first released back in 2009 on PC, to critical acclaim and now it has come to Sony’s new handheld, the Playstation Vita. Plants Vs Zombies for the Vita is basically the same as most versions, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying.

Plants Vs Zombies is just like the rest, it’s a tower defense game, in which you plant flowers and weeds in your garden to fend off hordes of zombies who come through the bushes and try to reach your house. Your objective is sow as many plants as you feel you need to fend off the zombies, and then allow them to attack. The garden is a fair size, and you can pick where you want to place each plant. You start out by growing Sunflowers in every game. Sunflowers are a must have bit of foliage. Each time you plant one, after a little while it generates sunshine – the game’s currency. Each bit of shrubbery takes a certain amount of sunshine to become properly raised. When you collect enough sunshine you can then choose which plant you want, and plant it anywhere In your garden.

Plants Vs Zombies has a few modes, but it’s main one is ‘Adventure Mode’. In this there are 50 levels for you to play through. during which you will unlock new plants, new areas to defend – such as a garden with a swimming pool obstacle – and you will also unlock new zombies who will be stronger or have some sort of ability that makes them different to others – such as the pole vault zombie who can catapult over your defences.

The best thing about Plants Vs Zombies adventure mode is that once you can pass it, it’s still fun to replay. The reason behind this is the game has near to 50 plants for you to use, so each time you play, you can try out different strategies and plants to see which ones work best. It’s very fun to experiment with the plants to see which ones you like the most and are most effective together, this adds a lot of replay value to the game which is great. Another great thing about the game is the graphics. Plants Vs Zombies has always been a great looking game with it’s colorful graphics, but the PS Vita version looks better then any before. The Vita’s OLED screen makes the game look amazing; the colors look great, and it’s all very bright.

As well as ‘Adventure mode’, Plants Vs Zombies features a few different modes to add replay to the game. There’s survival mode, which is just survival, there’s challenge mode where you get to play as zombies, there’s mini-games such as bowling, where you must knock down the zombies before they get close to you, and there’s also a mode in which you can create your own zombies. These zombies will then appear in the adventure mode. It’s nothing big, but it’s a nice feature.

One thing which I like about the game is that you can play with either touch screen, or the buttons. Many Vita games are making touch controls mandatory; such as Uncharted with some puzzles, or even the Vita’s home screen – and many people rather use just buttons, so it’s nice to see the choice between the two so both sides of people will be happy. Also, for trophy hunters out there, you’ll be happy to learn that the game has a whole new trophy list to the PS3 one, and this one includes a platinum.

Plants Vs Zombies is just as good as ever. Even though there’s hardly anything new to the Vita version, that doesn’t make it any bit worse. The game looks beautiful on the Vita; it’s bright and colorful, the touch controls feel perfect, and if you don’t like them you have buttons to use. The game has loads of replay value and is fun every time. Plants Vs Zombies is still one of the best tower defense games to date and if you don’t have it or haven’t played it in a while, get it on Vita now.

Final Score: 4/5

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