Will Future 505 Games Titles Have Online Passes?

It seems we all can add another company to the online pass requirement list. 505 Games’, Top Gun Hard Lock requires an online pass.  However does this mean future titles will as well? We decided to reach out to 505 Games and see what they have to say about the matter.

As we reported yesterday, Top Gun: Hard Lock which recently released on PSN and Xbox 360 has a $9.99/850 MSP online activation code for those who do not purchase the title new. We decided to reach out to 505 Games and ask more in depth questions about the decision for this. We decided to ask Lisa Fields,  Director of Public Relations for 505 Games if their forthcoming titles with online capabilities will also have online activation codes/passes. To which she responded, “Our next boxed game is Sniper Elite V2 and we will not have an online pass for the MP feature in that game.” We followed up by asking why 505 chose Top Gun: Hard Lock to feature the Online Pass in to which she responded, “On behalf of our interests and that of our licensing partner.” There you have it, the official word from 505 Games regarding future of online passes and reasoning for Top Gun: Hard Lock having one.

If you break it down, it seems that Paramont Interactive maybe pushed them to do it which is sort of sad fact, but business is business nowadays. Thankfully the highly anticipated Sniper Elite V2 is now confirmed not to require any type of online code to access the multiplayer. This does not mean that future 505 titles are out of the woods though. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the forums or below in the comments.

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