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House Of The Dead 4 Review

House Of The Dead 4 released in arcades back in 2005, and Sega decided to update it with HD graphics, add in Playstation move controller compatibility, and re-release it on Playstation Network. Is this arcade style game as fun with a PS Move as it is with a light gun? Read on to find out.

Following the story of James Taylor and Kate Green, both characters are working together to find out who is trying to launch nuclear missiles, and thus are attempting to stop them before it is to late. The story is very weak, which is to be expected as the game is only about a hour long so it doesn’t really have time to develop, but you shouldn’t expect much story from an arcade game.

House Of The Dead 4 plays like other games in the series. It’s an onrail shooter and when you take out all enemies on screen you progress to the next scene. You aim your cursor at the zombies pull the trigger and kill as many as you can. This is the perfect game for PS Move as it’s easy to aim and the controls feel great. One cool thing in game is that at some points you will be given the option to take different paths, giving you a reason to replay the game. The game also looks great, as you’d expect, seeing as it’s a HD upgrade. It features five missions, each one is about 5 minutes in length, if not a bit more, and each mission ends with a boss battle that’s quite varied and has its own weaknesses.

House Of The Dead 4 is also perfectly suited for co-op gaming with your PS Move. Although very short it’s still fun to play with a friend and, as mentioned earlier, you can choose different paths so it’s worth replaying. Once you pass the main story you unlock a second story – which is even shorter then the main story – that tells you what happens immediately after the games ending. The second story also has multiple endings which leads to more replay value. If you’re not very good at the game you can change the difficulty and also give yourself extra lives to make it easier to progress, or if you’re a hardcore HOTD player you can then give yourself less lives to make it more of a challenge.

House Of The Dead 4 is one of the few games worth playing on your Move, it’s a fun co-op game, it has some replay value and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time with it. Despite all this, the story is very weak and very short, even if you go back and replay to get the other endings. If you have a Move controller and are looking for something to play then this is worth a go, just make sure you play with someone as it’s much better.

Final Score: 3.5/5

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