Zwei is Mikami’s New Horror Title

The ever popular Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has again been host to a brand new game announcement.

Shinji Mikami, who previously directed the cult hit God Hand and genre defining survival horror title Resident Evil 4 before going on to create Vanquish with Platinum Games, has seemingly returned to his roots of survival horror. With his brand new studio, Tango Gameworks, Mikami is working on a game only known by it’s codename of “Zwei,” a title that Famitsu has announced as a survival horror game.

“Zwei,” clearly doesn’t give us a lot to go off, but it’s origins lie in German, and mean the number two. Could it be as transparent as a co-op survival horror experience set in Germany, or indeed involve some form of German heritage? Probably not, it’s probably just a name, but still our mind is awash with potential scenarios.

Mikami’s development company Tango Gameworks is actually a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media, this means that Bethesda Softworks (who are owned by ZeniMax) will work in conjunction with Tango in the games development process.


[Source: Silliconera]

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