Cave Can PS Vita Titles

Last year at the Tokyo Game Show, Cave – developer of fantastic bullet hell shooters like DoDonPachi and more recently Akai Katana – showed their support for Sony’s new handheld, the PS Vita. However it seems that this support has now been relinquished.

Having promised a new shooter title and a social game, Andraisang is reporting that Famitsu are listing both Vita titles as cancelled.

No reasons have been given for the games cancellation, however it could be due to the lackluster sales of the handheld in Japan, or that Cave’s COO has resigned.

According to news from MCV, Cave COO Miko Watanabe has decided to step down from his position due to ‘personal reasons’. His last day will be May 31st.

Watanabe will continue to serve as representative director until Cave’s AGM in August – where we will probably find out the true reason why the Vita titles were scrapped – and he also will remain the sole representative director after his resignation from the role.

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