Xbox 8 on the Way?

The possibilities for what the new Xbox console could be called are endless.

Everybody seems convinced that they’d call it the Xbox 720, something that makes little sense seeing as the 360 was named for it’s all-rounded nature. Other guesses have seen it been codenamed Durango, namely after the chip that will provide the hardware’s graphical grunt. However thanks to a domain registration it looks like we could be seeing an Xbox 8 next.

According to reports from Fusible, Microsoft have won a dispute over Xbox-related domains that include ‘’ and ‘’, as well as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’.

Clearly these could be just precautionary measures to secure the URLs if they ever decide to use them in the future, however Xbox8 is something that’s never been toted around before, leading many to think that this could be a potential new name for the hardware.

With Windows Phone 8 coming out soon, a tablet Windows 8 OS on the way and Windows 8 for PCs launching soon, it isn’t too farfetched to imagine that Microsoft would name their new console after that curvy number – after all just turning it on its side means you have the infinity sign, something that Microsoft marketing gubbins would have a field day over.

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