Curiosity Gets A New Name

Peter Molyneux’s newest project with newly formed indie studio 22 Cans has had a name change.

It was revealed on Twitter that they decided to change the name of Curiosity due to NASA’s mars rover project with the same name, 22 Cans have been reaching out to fans via Twitter for a new name for the game.

Suggestions ranging from Cube of Duty to Intrigue or the perplexing 2201 have all emerged, but only one winner was picked in the end.

Drum roll please. Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube was decided as the winner.

While it scores zero points for originality, it definitely tells you whats on the tin, although apparently it’s not what Peter Molyneux voted for.

Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube will release on iOS and Android at some point in September, with a PC and Mac version arriving shortly after.

Here’s a short trailer to keep you curious. 

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