Day Z Hits A Million Users

Arma II mod Day Z has surpassed the one million registered unique users mark.

Created by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, the free to download and play title has been snapped up hundreds since it’s launch in June of this year.

Placing you in the same vast and open gameworld of Arma II, you’re left with nothing other than a bandage and a flashlight and tasked with surviving an infested world of zombies and, potentially hostile, fellow survivors.

Since release 1,214 years of gameplay has been logged, along with 0ver 1.35 trillion kilometres being walked by players. 22.5 million survival attempts have also been made, whilst 3.7 million have been murdered during play throughs.

Hopefully you’ve been watching our Day Z series of videos, and we managed to snap up an interview with the Dean Hall himself at Eurogamer’s Rezzed event in Brighton last month.

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