Joe Danger Touch Preview

For anyone who remembers those finger skateboards, bmx’s or terrible mini scooters that the early 2000s brought us, you’ll agree when I say that every single one of those toys made me feel like a bad-ass whenever I managed to land a trick or jump an object. With Hello Games newest addition to the Joe Danger franchise, you’ll get that same epic feeling of being a bad-ass stuntman, and it’ll all come from the flick and tap of your finger.

Having had demands from fans for an iOS version of their plucky stunt driver, Hello Games were more than certain he wouldn’t be a great fit for the device – having envisioned it being some tilt based disaster. However, when Managing Director Sean started coding on iOS in his spare time – and a developer friend suggested a way it could all work – Joe Danger Touch was born, and boy is it one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had on an iPad.

Rammed with over 100 levels to play through, with wonderfully simple gaming mechanics that layer up over time to create a challenge, Joe Danger Touch feels like you’re carrying the epic console title in your pocket. Even the visuals found look practically identical to the console iterations; it’s a true testament to the games colourful art style and the programming abilities of the team as its been developed in parallel to Joe Danger: The Movie.

You’ll be pleased to know that it plays out like a dream too, with some incredibly simple, yet deep controls. To solve the problem of tilting the device, Joe now moves forward of his own accord, meaning that by pulling off perfect landings and jumping/ducking at the correct time you can gain speed boosts allowing you to finish levels faster or overtake AI opponents in races. A simple finger tap allows you to jump, and two in quick succession gives you a double jump. Swiping performs tricks like flips and wheelies, and holding the screen will make Joe crouch or, when in the air, fall faster; if that wasn’t enough to think about, the multi-touch display of iOS devices also means you have to tap obstacles in your way and collect level tokens or the “D-A-N-G-E-R” letters scattered through some levels.

Things also haven’t been cut out for Joe’s pocket sized adventure, as every level still has challenges to attain and it’s own version of pro medals that are granted for completing all the level objectives in one run – thus giving you tons of replay value too! As you can tell, I’m pretty damn keen on this game, and very pleased that it isn’t a watered down version made for handheld.

It’s still not got a release date, and – as we speak – is in the process of being refined, however, Joe Danger Touch deserves to be a runaway hit on iOS when eventually launches. Hello Games also told me that while there are no plans for an Android version as of yet, if the iOS take up Is good enough they will certainly think about making the jump to the platform – you know what you have to do guys, go out and buy it! Ultimately this is good, frantic, classic, Joe Danger fun – and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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