“Never Say Never” About Guardian of Light Sequel

More spin-off games like the fantastic Lara Croft: And the Guardian of Light could eventually be seen again.

In an interview with Crystal Dynamics’ global brand manager Karl Stewart at this years Gamescom, we asked if we’d ever see Lara Croft outside of the Tomb Raider series again.

Karl responded with a somewhat hopeful, yet equally dismissive, “never say never,” before adding “but there’s really no focus right now.”

From the sounds of things though, the Crystal Dynamics team really enjoyed developing Guardian of Light, so perhaps we’ll see another bite-sized entry sometime soon.

“We enjoyed that process,” said Stewart. “It was really, really fun time to be able to have that side game amidst the development of [Tomb Raider] and have the studio really feel they could get behind a cool little project.”

We also got to go hands on with Tomb Raider itself, and it’s one hell of a game.

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