Most Wanted: Castlevania-Lords Of Shadow 2

Since we are starting to get into the meat of the gaming season with huge releases like Borderlands 2, and Resident Evil 6 among countless other right around the corner we wanted to look a little more ahead past October and maybe even into 2013 to tell you what we are looking forward to. First up, is one of the coolest looking sequels to a reboot of a franchise to date, Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2.

Since the announcement at Konami’s pre-E3 show there has been very little talked about it besides interviews here and there with the developers at MercurySteam. Many are skeptical since this title has no involvement of Kojima productions what so ever and many seem to some how believe that contributed to the quality of the title.  I believe this is not the case and people need to see this. They are working hardcore on this franchise for what has now been at least four years. They are familiar and judging by statements that head of development/producer David Cox  have made, they are all large fans of the franchise which they know are near and dear to many fans heart strings.

Castlevania: LOS had some awesome moments in it between boss battles and intriguing puzzles that weren’t to amazingly hard but difficult enough and the simply smart system of being able to find out the answer, but losing the reward (as well as some self esteem) if you chose not to solve the puzzle yourself. The sequel will surely keep these elements as well as add new ones, now that Gabriel is slowly becoming the powerful Dracula. Examples have been given where he will be able to drain health from enemies during battle by sucking their blood as well as potions.

Gabriel was one awesome badass who just wanted to save his beloved wife the entire game. The final battle and the games post scene were nothing short of amazing. However with Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 it seems they aren’t taking off after that post scene but right after the final battle. Castlevania: Mirrors Of Fate which is expected to release around the same time or earlier than Castlevania LOS 2 takes place 25 years after the first Lords Of Shadow and lead into the LOS 2.

I personally have very high hopes for Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 as well as Mirror Of Fate. LoS 2 will close out the trilogy (counting Mirror Of Fate) and hopefully reassure fans that the franchise still has life in it.  2013 cannot come soon enough. Looking forward to Castlevania- Lords Of Shadow? Leave us a comment on here or on our Twitter @TheGamersHub Also don’t forget to check out our review of the first Lords Of Shadow.

*Note: The review linked is from an old format we used to use*

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    i totally agree man, LoS was awesome, and the dlc was cool too. Ready and waiting for LoS2. I wont be Doing Mirrors of Fate unfortunately due to the lack of a 3DS, but i played LoS solid and cant wait to see how it all ends with this ‘sure to rock your socks off’ sequel. Btw, the David Cox interviews here on TGH were really informative and provided much needed info a LoS fan like me was hungry for.