DMC will not include on-disc DLC

Speaking to a packed hall at last weekend’s Eurogamer Expo, Capcom US producer Alex Jones fielded questions from fans, following a fantastic looking demo of DmC –the latest in the highly popular Devil May Cry franchise. While being somewhat elusive regarding specifics in terms of game-modes and extras, he was able to definitively confirm one thing – there will be no on-disc DLC.

Capcom, of course, came under significant criticism earlier this year, upon the release of Streetfighter X Tekken. Following its release, it became clear that future paid downloadable characters were actually already contained as code on the retail copy of the game – paying money would simply allow you to unlock them. This won’t be a problem for DMC.

“Right now we’re focusing on getting the main game done. DLC is always an option but right now we’re focusing getting [DMC] on, but if we do [DLC], it will not be on the disc,” he said.

This will come as welcome news to some fans, after some initially lukewarm reactions to the visual overhaul of main character, Dante, and a jump back to the start of the Devil May Cry timeline. From what we’ve seen so far, there’s probably not a lot to worry about.

“We’ll be definitive about that – it will not be on the disc” he confirmed, just to be absolutely clear.

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