Rabbids Land Review

Those crazy moronic Rabbids return in Rabbids Land for the Wii U. Still garnering attention since Rayman: Raving Rabbids, these iconic little guys have created some interesting party games over the past few years – for both good or bad. With the Wii U these party games should show new ways and possibilities that future Rabbids games should capitalise upon. But is Rabbids Land the ideal party game for everyone or does it fail to create an inspiring party game?

In this installment, the cheeky Rabbids have taken over an amusement park, along with its attractions, for their own breed of crazy fun. While it may look fun during the opening cinematic, Rabbids Land actually falls rather short of its potential. The main attraction is a two-layered circular board game filled with risks and rewards. Playing out like an incredibly simplistic Mario Party title, you take turns rolling a dice to move to any of the adjacent squares which house various rewards and risks, such as playing one of the 14 mini-games, taking a simple two answer quiz, getting a present, a random event, and more.

It’s fun for the first 15 minutes or so, but you soon realize that this is little more than an uninspiring, snail-paced board game where the words “party game” wouldn’t fit as a description of the mini-games. You also spend a good amount of time just waiting waiting for the slow moving computer-controlled Rabbids to finally move, or waiting for two friends to finish a mini-game that you aren’t involved in. This is because, strangely, mini-games only support up to two players at a time, meaning it’s a drag for those left out. Rabbids Land is meant to be a party game, but it really fails to fully capture the “party game” mood.

While it isn’t much of a party game – more of a party pooper (amIright?) – Rabbids Land does take full advantage of the Wii U Gamepad. It uses full touchscreen control, off-TV play, use of microphone and tilt sensors, and more – every inch of the Gamepad is used in some a creative and innovative way. As for the Wii U hardware itself, Rabbids Land looks pretty good in the visuals department, but it does nothing to push the hardware to its limits – although, that’d be worrying on a new console anyway. Even in off-TV mode, the Gamepad still offers good looking graphics without performance issues.

Essentially, Rabbids Land is a party game that isn’t much of a party game. It has its moments of genius through the creative mini-games and use of the GamePad, but it just isn’t the ideal party game for friends. At times it feels practically like a solo venture. With NintendoLand out a staple game for most Wii U purchasers, you’re better off just sticking with Nintendo’s themed event. Perhaps Ubisoft can rekindle the Rabbids’ charm with their next Rabbids release.

Audio/Visual – 3/5: Looks good on both the TV and Gamepad and you’ll be hearing a lot of BWAAAGGHGHHHH!

Gameplay – 3/5: Uninspiring bar some interesting use of the GamePad, playing with friends will also mean you’ll feel left out at times.

Innovation – 2/5: Tries to be Mario Party or NintendoLand, but this isn’t much of a party game with little innovation to boot.

Value – 1/5: It might be fun to play once or twice, but it gets boring, especially if you’re waiting most of the time.

Final Score: 2/5

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