Resi Evil 6 DLC Hits In December

Capcom have been talking about their upcoming Resident Evil DLC that they’ll be bringing out, but finally we have a release date and some videos for everyone to have a look at.

First up, the key information: It’ll arrive as a timed exclusive for Xbox 360 from December 18th. You’ll get those three new multiplayer modes they’ve been talking about – Predator, Survivors and Onslaught – and each one will be priced at 320 MSP. However, you can snap them all up in a bundle for 720 MSP if you want everything.

Now for the fun part, the modes you’ll be able to buy.

Predator allows one player to take on the role of the fearsome Ustanak B.O.W. that’s been stalking Jake Muller though his campaign. Five other players then have to team up and take down the Ustanak or survive until the end.

Onslaught is a head-to-head hoard mode where enemies come in waves and it’s down to you to chain combos together to remove the threat and fire it over to your opponents screen to overwhelm them.

Finally Survivors is the third mode that’ll be up for grabs. This takes the classic solo and team based versus mode and – in Capcom’s words – “adds a twist.” Upon being killed you’ll respawn as an enemy character. Killing a human character resurrects you as a human and the game ends with the last man standing. It sounds like hectic fun for six players to enjoy.

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