TGH Awards 2012

While this may be quite the divisive statement, this year has been one of the best years for video games.

Sure there was an awful lot of sequels peppering the release schedule, most of which were hitting their third and fourth iterations, but don’t let a number cloud your opinion of a title’s quality.

This year also saw the rise of the indie developer once more. Having climbed the ranks in 2011, 2012 saw Kickstarters pop up left, right and centre as names both big and small hit the crowd funding website to help get their titles out there without the help of a publisher.

It’s with all this in mind that we end 2012 in TheGamersHub fashion, with our TGH Awards!

Trimmed down from previous years absurd amount of categories, we now present you with 16 categories: 14 decided by our expert gaming staff, two decided by votes from the general game-playing public.

Click each title heading to check out the category nominees and find out which game stole the show.

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