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Brand New Tearaway Gameplay

Media Molecule, the folks who brought us the entire LittleBigPlanet franchise, have finally released some new footage and information about their inventive papercraft game for the PlayStation Vita, Tearaway.

Having initially been announced and shown with an onstage demo back at Gamescom 2012, not an awful lot has been heard from iota and his papery world. Now though, we have a brand new gameplay trailer and a smattering of artwork and screens to enjoy.

As you can expect from Media Molecule, Tearaway is just one absolute bundle of joy from the video and screens below.

Showcasing the mysterious island of Sogport, marooned in a deep sea of glue where fishy folk are fearful about the island’s monstrous wildlife, you’ll get to see how combat and exploration in a world of paper plays out.

MM have also revealed a new character to choose to play as. Back at Gamescom we were introduced to iota, but now we can see atoi – the character holding the finger in the screens below (we’re told it’s pronounced ah-twa, as in the french phrase a’toi).

Starting an adventure means you’ll be able to customise things to your liking, such as choosing which messenger will accompany you on your journey. It also seems that you can change the shape, size and colour of your fingers too – time to bust out the chubsters.

No date has been given yet, but expect to see Tearaway at some point in 2013 – most likely towards the end of the year.

Take a look at the trailer and screens below – there are even some print-out paper masks you can make!

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