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Cities In Motion 2 Gameplay Trailer

Today, Paradox Interactive revealed the first trailer for Colossal Order’s Cities in Motion 2.

While it may just seem like a run-of-the-mill transport simulator, our preview at Gamescom showed it was far more than that, with intricate detail that’d suck you in just like SimCity could.

The first Cities in Motion title went on to cause a storm and now you can take a first-look at the gameplay thanks to a wonderful trailer from Paradox.

Giving you full control over transportation networks through cities and towns, Cities in Motion 2 offers far more than its predecessor by giving you day and night cycles, mutliplayer modes and a dynamically built city that grows and changes as you expand your transport empire.

You can even change things right down to adjusting fares and scheduling timetables. This is a transportation enthusiasts wet dream.

Check out the short trailer below.

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