Orgarhythm Review

Orgarhythm is one of the few rhythm games out on Sony’s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita. Using both front and rear touch pads does this game make you really want to beat to the rhythm or does it just leave you off-beat?

Orgarhythm’s story is a simple one. Actually, thinking about it, it really doesn’t have a one. You take on the role of the Sun God who is accompanied by earth, water, and fire elements in the form of little minions. As you progress through each stage you tap away the front screen of the vita to the beat of the music until you reach the stage boss, where you must discover its weakness and attack pattern to stay alive.

Combat works by, you guessed it, tapping in rhythm.  You can pick one of the three elements to attack, choose how they’ll attack, then drag your finger across the front touch screen to the enemy you want to attack. There are also multiple ways to attack, such as swords for close quarters, arrows for distance and rocks for large groups. You’ll also have to tap in rhythm while choosing which minion will defend you from incoming attacks.

Depending on how well you’re doing at tapping out that rhythm, you can also build up a combo that buffs the minions and yourself. Buffs give you the ability to utilise special moves and also make you stronger in the process. Special moves can consist of things like healing the Sun God or minions, boosting defence or strength or unleashing your ultimate attack on unsuspecting foes. Naturally, more abilities are unlocked as you progress through the story, meaning there are even more ways to dispose of enemies and expose their weaknesses in the games rock, paper, scissors style system of fire, water and earth.

Despite saying that you play as the Sun God, you don’t actually have any direct control over it. Moving at its own pace – which can drag on at points – it’ll sometimes speed up and dance through swarms of enemies as you struggle to keep up, but it is a rhythm game after all. If you can keep up though, you’ll be rewarded with experience for defeating enemies. As with many EXP based games, you’ll level up and get a stats boost when you level up – which means grinding can sometimes be the solution to some of the harder stages and enemies, and it always feels like you’re making progress despite failing.

You can also grind by going back to previous levels and continuing from that point. There’s also a co-op mode for when you get tired of playing alone. Although, personally it didn’t really captivate me. Instead of being an enjoyable experience with a friend, it felt too busy and hard to follow. Mind you, it was still enjoyable enough so it really depends if you like the idea of sharing the experience.

All in all Orgarhythm is a decent rhythm game that offers a lot, but is still very much a simple experience. It’s fun in short bursts and, at times, will have you tapping your foot or bobbing your head to the rhythm. Unfortunately it’s not the best visually, making me feel like I was playing a rhythm game on a cell phone, but luckily it has some addictive gameplay elements. If it was a little cheaper it’d be a sure fire snap up title, but it isn’t and therefore it’s hard to recommend.

Audio/Visual – 3/5: Nothing to write home about in regard to visuals, but the music and audio more than makes up for it.

Gameplay – 3/5: Easy to pick up and play but also lots of depth. It has its frustrating moments, but patience will see you through.

Value –  2/5: With having a price tag of $29.99 it feels steep for what’s on offer. More meat and less bone is needed, despite its enjoyable nature.

Innovation – 3/5: A pleasant fusing of RPG elements with a rhythm game.

Final Score: 2.5/5

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