Ouya Revise Their Controller Design

The Ouya isn’t out to the general public yet, but feedback from developers and fans alike has meant that its controller is seeing some tweaks and adjustments prior to release.

The major points of contention were the thumbsticks, touchpad and directional pad. Now though they’ve all been sorted, along with the triggers and battery bay.

Previously the d-pad raised concerns with the community due to its disc based nature, fearing that directional inputs would happen by accident. To remedy this, Ouya have opted for a ‘cross’ style pad to bring back accuracy and precision when playing.

The thumbsticks have also now been adorned with rubbery grips to keep fingers and thumbs very much in place, and the touch pad is made from a more durable and easier to use material – thus improving precision once more.

Triggers have also gone through their second phase of development, having become more flush with the controller body as thats what fans wanted, apparently.

While all these improvements are rather nice, it still seems a little on the small side.

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