Platinum Games Interested in Darksiders IP

After THQ sold off its assets, one title and studio was left very much untouched: Vigil and their adventure hack ‘n’ slash title Darksiders.

While other IPs and studios were snapped up, Vigil were left out in the cold, most likely due to poor sales of Darksiders II and many publishers feeling it wasn’t providing anything the market hasn’t already seen.

One publisher does have an interest though, and if they managed to snap it up Darksiders could take on a very interesting direction indeed.

Taking to Twitter, Platinum Games executive director Atsushi Inaba expressed interest in buying the IP, but only “if it was cheap”.

The tweet was spotted by Polygon and suggests that – even though Platinum Games declined comment – they’re eyeing up what they could salvage from the THQ wreckage.


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