Rumour: DualShock Ditched on PlayStation 4

It seems that Sony could well be ditching the DualShock pad in their next PlayStation console, it’s been part of the brand since 1997.

The news comes from a senior games studio working on an upcoming Sony game who reached out and spoke to CVG. While it’s of no surprise that Sony controllers go through various design stages, the source mentioned that very few pads actually resemble the DualShock build.

Various versions we currently know about – at least at a patent stage – show it could be separated into two PS Move style controls, it could also have biometric sensors and heat technology. According to CVGs source though, we could see a final design with an LCD touchscreen and biometric sensors on grips in the final version.

Another source, who apparently works in a separate part of the games industry – but is still connected to sony – said that PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita”. Which probably means a touchscreen and light form factor – as opposed to the Wii U’s cramp inducing behemoth.

The wish to drop the DualShock pad isn’t too surprising, after all the PS3 prototype initially had a sweeping ‘banana pad’ controller, and the SixAxis pads launched without DualShock support due to a patent lawsuit with Immersion over the rumble feature.

This means that Sony could well wish to opt out of their current design and forge new ground – after all the DualShock pad redefined the game controller for the modern age, becoming an icon in its own right.

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