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Sniper Elite Dev Teases New Game

Sniper Elite developer Rebellion have teased their next project, putting forward a February 14th date for a full announcement over exactly what it could be.

Going by what the trailer shows, as seen below, it’s most certainly another Sniper Elite title or spinoff as the familiar logo can be seen at the end and the unmistakable shape of a sniper rifle can be seen in the running protagonist’s hands.

Due to the thick fog, eerie atmosphere, and war-torn locations, it’s possible that this could be a tired zombie adaptation or DLC release for Sniper Elite. It could, however, be an official announcement surrounding a possible Wii U release – although that’s probably unlikely from the trailer shown.

A QR code at the end of the trailer also takes you through to a mailing list for “Priority One communiques,” suggesting that this could perhaps be a multiplayer beta announcement? Although the website is also listed as the NZA, which could be an acronym for Nationalist Zombie Association or Nazi Zombie Association – tenuous link we know.

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