Sunflex Reveals ‘unu’ Android Gaming Platform

Today Sunflex has announced the ‘unu’ an Android based gaming platform, Smart TV and tablet hybrid that looks to revolutionize how we see Android consoles.

It boasts an offering of multifaceted  experience able to be played in your lap as a tablet, docked and connected to your TV to surf the web, check emails, play games, videos and music.

Unu is made to be versatile and portable. The unu package comes with either 7″ or 10″ tablet, docking station, a bluetooth gaming controller and unu air mouse.

The air mouse offers control in browsing on the television like never before and if you choose to check your email, the back of the air mouse is a QWERTY Keyboard. Thanks to integrated button mapping the controller can be set up however you like and played with games that boast controller compatibility.

Offering a “100% authentic console experience” is a big boast and hopefully we will see more of this platform in the coming days. The Smart TV aspect is backed by providers such as Netflix & Maxdome already and more are sure to jump on board. Check out the images below.

Lets hope it can offer up something to compete with other tablet devices and consoles like NVidea’s “Project Shield” and the Ouya.

UPDATE: Release window is set for June/July and the price point is currently set at $199 for the 7″ tablet model and $299 for the 10″ tablet model but it can change as time goes on.

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