Tera Goes Free-To-Play in February

MMOs are slowly creeping over to the side of free-to-play, you only have to look at the swift change that Star Wars: The Old Republic went though. The latest to jump ship from the subscription model is South Korean fantasy MMO Tera.

Aiming to go fully free-to-play in Europe by February, Gameforge – who are responsible for the European side of the game – announced that any paying player will be granted Veteran status following the switchover. This means that they’ll have all eight slots available for characters instead of just the two that free players have access to. It also means that they will have four bank tabs instead of one, and a special title for in-game use.

You’ll also join the Tera Club automatically if you have an active subscription before the February switch. This means you’ll get bonuses and boosts during your remaining subscription period, once it expires you’ll become a Veteran.

The changeover in payment model comes just nine months after Tera released. It also means that new content is arriving in the form of three versus three arena, new bosses, dungeons and raids as well as challenges within the gameworld’s political system.

All in all it’s rather interesting. So interesting, in fact, that Gameforge have gone and released a video to tell you all about it.

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