Aliens on Wii U Could Have Been Canned

The Wii U has been getting a streak of bad luck lately. January was a generally cold and lifeless month, February has been completely barren and it now seems that Rayman Legends won’t even be an exclusive title anymore.

Things may just get worse now there are murmurs that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been “postponed indefinitely”.

The news comes from Kotaku (via Nintendo Insider) where writer Jason Schreier revealed that the site heard this news from a tipster over a month ago.

“We heard from a tipster about a month ago that the Wii U version had been “postponed indefinitely.” We reached out to Sega, and they denied it. I’ll let you guys fill in the blanks there.”

Still, this is totally rumour still, but it could ring true seeing as we know the Wii U game isn’t quite ready yet and no longer has a release date.

Going by the feedback surrounding the Aliens: Colonial Marines that launched on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier this week, it could make sense that Sega want to avoid another flop.

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    And nothing of value would have been lost. This game is terrible.