Bungie Confirm Destiny Reveal on 17th

Bungie has finally confirmed that Destiny will be revealed on February 17th – just days before Sony’s event on the 20th.

The news comes from an official blog post over on Bungie’s blog, and states that information for Destiny can be followed on the various social networking channels of Facebook, Twitter and, erm, Google+

There’s also a Destiny specific forum over at for you to peruse and discuss about the upcoming multi-platform epic.

Mention of the reveal comes via the Facebook page where Bungie posted the status:

“Welcome to the official Destiny Facebook page. Official Destiny news is coming soon! You can be the first to see the reveal of Destiny right here on February 17.”

Not much is known about Destiny yet, other than a few leaked details, but it seems that it’s set in the last city left on Earth just as an alien invasion comes forth from the depths of space.

There’s also an interesting teaser site for Destiny full of tidbits to decipher.

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