Could We See Prey 2 In March?

A mysterious website with countdown clock has appeared online and it’s not your standard countdown.

Appearing on the domain this countdown clock is entirely in an alien script and at the header of the page a familiar etherial glow can be seen around an another alien language.

Could it point to Prey 2?

It’s been a very long time since we’ve last heard anything about Prey 2, with Gamescom 2011 being the first time we saw anything – although it was shown at E3 – behind closed doors. There have been rumours surrounding its cancellation, but even they were somewhat unfounded.

Thanks to AGB, we do know that this site is for Prey 2 as it shows up in the source code (shown below). It also shows that the countdown ends on March 1st, which may signal the first time we hear something about the project since it dropped off the radar.

It would also make sense that its delay pointed towards a next-generation release.

Exciting times indeed.

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