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Dead or Alive 5 Plus Introduces Touch Play

Dead or Alive 5 developer Team Ninja announced a new feature for their PlayStation Vita release of Dead or Alive 5 Plus: Touch Fight.

Having already announced that DoA5 Plus runs silky smooth on the Vita due to triple the amount of frame data, as well as cross-platform functionality and shared DLC purchases, Team Ninja wanted to encourage fans that this isn’t just a portable version of what they’ve already played – it’s a new way to play.

The introduction of Touch Fight mode lets you attack opponents with simple taps or swipes on the Vita’s touchscreen. Interestingly it takes place from a first-person perspective to really put you in control – and probably to disorient you when you get kicked in the face.

You can also hold the Vita horizontally to really get a full widescreen view of the battle stage or switch it to a vertical view to get a close up shot of your opponent.

Tapping away in Touch Mode isn’t as two-dimensional as it sounds. Instead you’ll find that landing five successful hits in a combo triggers a Critical Burst, which leaves your opponent for a right good rollicking. Swiping in different directions also performs different moves. Swiping upwards launches your foe into the air whereas pinching the screen performs a hold if your opponent is striking – if not it’ll perform a trow instead. You can also execute Power Blows which switches the screen perspective back to those dynamic moments seen in Dead or Alive 5.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, characters also react differently depending on where they were hit, thus creating a deeper sense of realism when in first-person view.

Team Ninja also announced that a training mode has been included to let you learn the moves of your favourite characters and becoming stronger. “Command Training” is back, allowing you to progress through each move until you know them all off by heart.

A Tutorial mode is also featured to ease new players into the game’s mechanics. Finally a Combo Challenge mode lets you become an expert with a character by throwing down a gauntlet of moves to master.

Check out the Touch Mode trailer below, along with some screens of the new costumes you’ll be able to get in Dead or Alive 5 Plus.

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