Gearbox Detail Aliens: Colonial Marines Updates

After the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines today, and the critical panning it got across the majority of sites, Gearbox have issued a patch to hopefully fix some of the problems listed.

All three versions of Aliens: CM benefit from updated user interfaces and “various performance updates” along with fixes to the campaign mode and multiplayer mode – such as fixing clipping and many, many door related glitches.

While it probably won’t undo the damage that’s already been done, along with the sub-par graphics on consoles in comparison to PC, but it should turn this middleweight shooter into something with a bit more polish.

Crucially, there seems to be no mention of any major AI fixes, and they can’t change the titles pacing at all.

Is it too little too late? After all, shouldn’t have Gearbox and Time Gate really done a better job from the start?

You can download the patch automatically by just making sure you’re connected to the internet when switching on your console and starting the game. PC players will need to restart Steam.

The patch is available now and you can read about each of them over at the Gearbox site.

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