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Introducing Bardbarian

Bardbarian is an upcoming iOS and Android mobile game that puts you in the shoes of Brad, a barbarian that is tired of fighting and just wants to sleep. One day Brad wakes up and finds that his town is under siege and realizes that he has to do something. Brad, tired of fighting decides to grab his instrument instead of a weapon and sets off on his journey to the bard he was destined to be. With his ax-lute in hand he turns to town ready to kick some bad guy ass.

The picture above is a guide to the concept of what the screen will look like along with a detailed listing below of what each letter and number means for players on the screen.

    • 1a) Touch anywhere on the screen for a virtual joystick, this is used to control Brad (1b)
    • 2a) Be wary of the hordes of enemies looking to harm you or your town! Many of them have long range attacks that can do serious damage to you or your party (2b)
    • 3) This is your mini-map, it shows the location of you, your town center, and the enemies currently in your town!  Use it to plan your attacks wisely
    • 4a) This is your in-game resource “music notes” they will automatically generate as you survive and play your music. Music notes are the currency used to summon units (5a) and inspire them with solos! (5b)
    • 4b) GOLD! As you vanquish enemies and save your town, you will be rewarded with gold dropped from their dying clutches!  Collect it before it disappears and use it to upgrade yourself, your town, and your units.
    • 5a) These are the units you have selected for your loadout, a maximum of 5 units can be assigned to your loadout, you are able to switch them in the shop/loadout screen.
    • 5b) SOLOS! These are expensive but valuable strategic songs you can play to inspire your current party, Attack, Defense and Speed boosts will drain most of your music notes, but can provide valuable support in battles.
    • 5c) When you summon units, they will exit from a random house within your town, use this notification to locate and add them to your party! (5d)  Don’t leave them alone for too long or they will be killed by enemies.

Those familiar with the art style from the shirts produced at Cherry Sauce Clothing will instantly recognize the art style of this game and if I might add it’s amazing if you haven’t seen them yet. Also don’t forget to follow the game on Twitter @tree_fortress and the games creator @mike_gaboury for all the latest progress for this game. I hope all of you are going to be looking forward to hearing more about this game as much as I am. Check out the games progress on the official developers blog.


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