Killzone 4 Could Launch With PS4

Who doesn’t love a good rumour? The latest surrounds the announcement of Killzone 4. On a next-generation PlayStation.

Speaking to, an industry source has claimed that Killzone 4 is in development at Guerrilla Games and could well be revealed at the PlayStation Meeting on February 20th where it’s expected that the PlayStation 4 will be unveiled.

VideoGamer’s source suggests that Killzone 4 could release within the consoles launch window, rather than being a launch day title.

This is all plausible, however it’s all something that anyone could have speculated as it is known that Killzone 4 is in development at Guerrilla – alongside another unannounced title – and (as VG point out) Sony tend to announce a Killzone title when unveiling a console. They showed Killzone 2 with the PlayStation 3 announcement, and then again with the PlayStation Vita.

Sony declined to comment on the matter.

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