Meloetta Dances To Your DS This March

The dancing Pokemon – ‘Meloetta’ – is due to become available for download on all North American copies of Pokemon Black/White & Black/White 2 via Gamestop stores on March 4th to March 24th. Any mention of a potential EU release has yet to be heard.

Meloetta’s release next month will mark the completion of the Gen V Pokedex following the release of Keldeo and Genesect in the past. Meloetta is the final Pokemon to become available which has been unobtainable in the past through legitimate means.

North American players can look forward to the release next month with more details along the lines of Meloetta’s level and moveset will be released as the download date gets closer. We’ll update this post if the same date will mark a release in Europe too.

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