Microsoft Working On Four New IPs

With the news of next-generation consoles looming, it only makes sense that consumers want new experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Well it seems that Microsoft may have players covered with the release of their next-generation Xbox console as they’re working hard on some brand new IPs.

The news comes from an image capture of Jonathan Browne’s LinkedIn profile – via AGB.

Browne is the senior product manager and product planner of Microsoft’s core experiences at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington offices.

On his CV – which can be seen below – Browne states that he has been working on four brand new and unannounced IPs. At this stage in time it makes sense for them to all be next-generation too.

“I have been the primary product manager on four unannounced new IP and have been a key contributor to bring these IP from the very early concept phase through greenlight to production,” reads Browne’s CV.

Unfortunately you can only look at Browne’s CV and details if you own a premium LinkedIn account.

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