Murdered Soul Suspect Teased By Square

We, along with many other gaming press sites it seems, received a peculiar email from Square Enix that teased a new title with a gif and a single image.

A link was provided to a peculiar website with the ominous name of

This would be perplexing if it wasn’t for a follow up email stating that the game is actually called Murder: Soul Suspect. But the line accompanying the title announcement still left us largely in the dark.

“”Murdered: Soul Suspect” is an exciting new game from Square Enix which challenges players to solve possibly the hardest case of all.”

What is interesting is that if you take a peek into the website’s source code a piece of javascript code references “” suggesting that this could well be a new IP from Crystal Dynamics, that is if it’s not anything to do with the folks at Eidos Montréal.

There also seems to be an online ARG element to the site with a private login now available, which can be accessed with the password Ronan (cheers VG247).

There you can download an ‘evidence’ package that contains the screen of a man lying dead on the ground – seen in the gallery below – and an evidence message.

O’Connor, male, mid- 30s, 170lbs, 5’ 11”

Detectives aren’t supposed to get bloody knuckles, but I’ve done a lot of things I wasn’t supposed to do. I lived through it all, the beat-downs, the back-stabbing, disrespect most people wouldn’t see in ten lifetimes and I never lost a fight… until now.

What could it all mean? It says that it’s going to release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, so perhaps we’ll see it at E3? Maybe it’ll launch this year? It seems far more likely that it’ll end up as a next generation title.

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  • AnthonyDFebruary 8, 2013 at 6:03 pmLike or Dislike Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    It looks like it could be a very bad downloadable game…I hope this is not the case…