New PS4 Controller Image Shows So Much More

Yesterday we showed you a picture of what was believed to be a prototype PlayStation 4 controller. Today, another image has surfaced giving us a better look at the device in question.

Having appeared upon GT forums, and brought to our attention by TheSixthAxis, this new photo gives us a better idea of the possible final prototype’s appearance.

While it still looks like a dirty third-party pad that Logic 3 would churn out, the grips look a lot chunkier than previous PlayStation pads – almost Xbox 360 in style.

Interestingly there appears to be a headphone jack at the bottom of the device, suggesting that instead of the fussy bluetooth headsets that the PS3 had, the PS4 will allow you to use wired ones a la Microsoft’s solution.

The touchpad itself seems more integrated into the controllers design, although it seems to be a wider controller than previous iterations of the DualShock pad. TSA also pointed out that those little nubbins either side of the touchpad could well be buttons – perhaps the start and select buttons that have apparently gone awol this time around.

It’s still unsure exactly what Sony have done with the triggers, but we’d imagine they’ve solved their awfulness from the PS3 model.

While this is not the final retail product – especially if it has those horrible thumbsticks – the final product won’t be to dissimilar from what you see below.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

It seems we’ll find out everything on February 20th.

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