Persona 4 Arena Hits US PSN Tomorrow

Atlus’ Persona 4 Arena hits US PSN tomorrow, letting you pummel the stuffing out of your favourite characters.

Having already won “Best Fighting Game” at Spike’s VGAs, the Persona 4 themed battler is finally making its way over to PlayStation network in the US – with no word on an EU release.

Set two months after the events of the fantastic Persona 4 Golden, this fighting game has a story for you to follow, adding on to your experiences with the delicious delights of Inaba’s serial killer situation.

Just like the Midnight Channel before, a rumour spreads around that there’s a fighting tournament taking place on TV known as the “P-1 Grand Prix.” Naturally this raises the concerns amongst the former Investigation Team members who know that strange things happen inside the world of the TV.

What’s even more interesting is that Persona 3 characters seem to get mixed up in all of this too.

Persona 4 Arena rocks up tomorrow on PSN, so best get your fight on.

Update: We reached out to Atlus to confirm if this will be region locked like the US retail release is.

An Atlus representative replied with: “It should be like the retail version so I believe that it will have the same region lock”

Unlucky for those who hoped to import across their US PSN accounts

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